Cancer Prevention

There are more than 100 kinds of cancer and many people think that it is entirely genetic and cannot be avoided, but that's not true. Cancers don't develop overnight and healthy behaviours can significantly reduce your chances of getting it. So read on and follow these 10 simple steps!


1. Stop Smoking. It is estimated that 85% of lung cancers are related to smoking, and can also increase the risk of developing bladder, cervix, colon, esophagus, kidney, larynx, mouth and throat, pancreas, stomach, nasal cavity, liver, leukemia and ovarian tumours. 

2. Reduce alcohol consumption. Studies have shown that drinking more than 2 serving per day for men, or 1 serving per day for women, can increase the likelihood of developing cancer. Lets not forget that alcohol has so much sugar in it! 

3. Exercise – You don’t need to go to the gym, however 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity five days a week has been shown to reduce cancer incidence, improve cancer outcomes and have a whole host of benefits on sleep, mood, and energy. It’s important to have some sweating involved in this as it showcases your bodies ability to eliminate toxins and moderate its internal temperature. Take the stairs, park further away from your destination, take a dance class, join a walking group, get a walk, the options are endless…get some movement in your life, motion is lotion! 

4. Eat a variety of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables daily – aim for at least 7 servings the size of your fist. Juicing and/or smoothies are a great addition to your routine and ensure you get these amazing vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants into your diet! Colour goes a long way in demonstrating the various phytonutrients (plant nutrients) from a particular food item. As they say in German..."Mann ist was Mann Isst!" (One is what one eats!) 

5. Get enough sleep, especially between the hours of 11pm and 5am when your natural circadian rhythm is slowing down and moving into “rest and digest and repair” mode. You spend 1/3rd of your life in bed, invest in it. Get a new pillow, get a new mattress, get black out blinds, turn off the electronics and make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary! Love it, cherish it, and bask in the glory of the almighty sleep!

6. Take a multivitamin. Studies are now showing that simply taking a daily multivitamin can reduce your risk of developing cancer, especially if it contains vitamin D. Remember, we live in Vancouver, that's a temperate climate and we love to share our resentment in regards to the rain but the reality is, we don't get enough sunshine! So get that Vitamin D!

7. Take time to relax and reflect. Do activities that you enjoy, stress reduction improves wellbeing no matter where you are at in your personal health journey. Yoga, tai chi, dancing, art, reading, prayer, being in nature – anything that brings you a sense of peace and calm. This allows you to take life in every step of the way and truly cherish your human experience of it.m 

8. Create a healthy and full social environment. People with a strong social support system have less stress; the effects of love and support are immeasurable and invaluable. Show me your friends and I'll show you who you are. That means, if you have toxic people in your life, cut them out or you will become toxic!

9. If you feel unwell, see your physician. Don’t wait until something is broken, if you have symptoms of illness, address them. Whether it is frequent bloating, headaches, sore throats, chest pains, muscle aches, deal with it accordingly. These are all ways in which your body is trying to share with you that something is wrong. Cancer cells thrive within a chronically inflamed environment and therefore its important that you take care of yourself early on. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

10. Minimize your exposure to toxic hazardous chemicals. PCB’s, Parabens, Bisphenol A are just some of the names found in common household products that we use. Asbestos off-gas and mold exposure are all dangerous for your health. Stay away from them!