Detox: A Clean Slate

Health Starts With A Clean Slate


In preparation of spring, we are often inspired to clean our homes from top to bottom. We air out our rugs, clean out our cupboards, clear up the yard and discard unwanted items that have been collecting dust. We go through all this hard work because we feel better in a bright, clean, uncluttered environment.


Now imagine, if we put that much energy into the internal cleaning of our own body. Traditionally, the changes in season are times of change, renewal, and rebirth. We enter another phase of the year and we want to enter it with a clean slate.


This has been an age-old practice of detoxification in many cultures around the world. In Ayurvedic Tradition, the goal of a cleanse is to rid the body of the “ama” (sludge) that has built up over the past season and to rebalance the body’s constitution. In Chinese Medicine, springtime focuses on eating bitter foods to improve your liver, a key-detoxifying organ in our body.

With increasing reactions to normal everyday food items and increasing amounts of toxins in the environment, our bodies are severely burdened.

For more than a 100 years, naturopathic medicine has identified a host of diseases and history has taught us that our key organs of detoxification such as the liver, the kidneys and the bowels have to work in harmony in order for us to stay healthy.

Dietary programs that enhance these organs are designed not only to stimulate toxin breakdown and the avoidance of harmful substances but also the proper digestion of foods and nutrients.

Here are 5 Simple Tips that will make a 7-Day Spring Cleanse, a fast and easy way to ensure a healthy balance in your life.

1.     Water! The universal liquid of health. Drink two liters of clean water throughout the day. It will nourish your kidneys, move your bowels and heal your skin.

2.     Colors! Eat plenty of organic colorful vegetables and fruits and make sure to wash them prior to eating. A good strategy is to cut them into pieces at home right after you buy them and place it into a tupper-ware container in the fridge. This will make you more likely to snack on healthy foods when you have those stubborn cravings!

3.     Garbage! Cut out the foods that harm your body. Remove sugar, alcohol, processed foods and coffee for the next seven days. Dairy and Wheat are highly inflammatory foods that will increase your blood sugar levels, produce mucous and make you gain weight. If you want fiber, go for nuts and seeds! If you want calcium, eat dark leafy greens!

4.     Strategy! Organize your day and plan ahead for your meals. It will make a world of difference when you know what is scheduled into your day so that you don’t cheat.

5.     Movement! Exercise in some form outside in the sun. Breathe in the fresh air and start sweating, it will help push out the toxins in your body.

Certain supplements such as probiotics, fish oils and herbal remedies are fundamental in assisting the detoxifying process. Please consult with your Naturopathic Physician on the use of these medicines, as they are effective in eliminating toxins and reducing inflammation in the body.