What is Detoxification?

The Way to Health

Traditionally, the changes in season are times of change, renewal, and rebirth. We enter another phase of the year and we want to enter it with a clean slate.

This has been an age-old practice of detoxification in many cultures around the world. In Ayurvedic Tradition, the goal of a cleanse is to rid the body of the “ama” (sludge) that has built up over the past season and to re-balance the body’s constitution. Chinese Medicine focuses on eating bitter foods to improve your liver, a key-detoxifying organ in our body.

In our society today, the majority of disease is blamed on stress, poor diet, genetics, physical and chemical agents, biological organisms, degeneration, inflammation, autoimmunity, lack of exercise, and abnormal growths. While these factors do indeed cause disease, there is an underlying factor that contributes to all health problems. Toxicity is the common component. With increasing reactions to normal everyday food items and increasing amounts of toxins in the environment, our bodies are severely burdened. Exposure to toxins and subsequent toxic accumulation cause untold health problems, both immediate and long term.

The process of toxin accumulation:

                                         The Rain Barrel

People are subjected to a wide range of physical, emotional, and environmental stresses that contribute to their toxic burden. The body burden can be viewed as "rain," which gradually fills the "rain barrel" of our bodies. We can adjust to a few stressors, but as the rain barrel level rises, our body loses its adaptability and we begin to experience toxic overload. Our detoxification mechanisms no longer function adequately and the body cannot maintain its balance. We develop symptoms because our toxin levels are too high. Eventually, the body cannot cope with its toxic burden and the minimum amount of water needed to have the rain barrel overflow results in symptoms and consequently dis-ease.

If we periodically empty our rain barrel with detoxification procedures, we can withstand the stresses of moderate exposures. However, if our rain barrel continues to fill, additional stressors will cause it to overflow, with resulting symptoms. This is why some exposures can, cause us distressing symptoms, while others do not. Our reaction depends in part on how full our rain barrel is at the time of the stress

For more than a 100 years, Naturopathic medicine has identified a host of diseases and history has taught us that our key organs of detoxification such as the liver, the kidneys and the bowels have to work in harmony in order for us to stay healthy.

Healing is a comprehensive process of cleansing and re-balancing. People with a low toxic burden will need only a few detoxification methods, and their health will be re-stored quickly. Those with more serious health problems will have to follow a more complete detoxification program,