Dry January - Adieu Alcohol!


Dry January is the perfect time to abstain from alcohol because the celebrations are over, everyone is either back at work or favouring a far more reclusive life. It’s a great time to learn where you are in relation to alcohol and what you want your relationship with it to be.

The benefits for a Dry January are endless. For one, you will have a much better sleep and that way you will start valuing your mornings as much as your nights. You’ll feel more energy and motivated to start your day, stay with your workouts and new found eating habits. Also don’t forget your wallet will thank you for it!

But how do you do it? 

Plan Ahead:

Try and not find yourself in situations where you would normally reach for a drink. Hey Rigo you want to come for drinks after soccer? NO. The best way to prevent that, is actually to take action and explore other interests in your life. Pick up a hobby. Take that class you’ve always been talking about1 Check out the art exhibits, try out a Float Tank, go to the movies, or go on a hike. Devote your time into activities that nourish your soul, you’ll be surprised to learn how much energy and time you have been wasting on drinking.

Buddy Up:

Dry January calls for allies! Seek out your friends, family members, your significant other or that colleague at work that's down to do it with you. One hand washes another, and having a support network will help you keep one another on track. It helps to have support, and it can never hurt to have someone close by who understands and shares in your struggle! Sharing is caring...

Know your Alternatives:

Ever considered a virgin cocktail as an exciting replacement to plain water? Try it out, there are some tasty mash-ups of drinks out there and you will be the talk of the party by the end of it. But what about that particular taste you want in your mouth? Tangy? Try kombucha instead of cider. Or maybe a Ginger beer instead of reaching for a pint of the Pale Ale? I find a bottle of sparkling water with lemon is a great choice to ward off the cravings, a little creative imagining into tricking yourself its a double Gin Tonic has never hurt. The point is though that it’s really about you just enjoying the choice you made without feeling like you missed out and made a sacrifice. 

Don’t STRESS Yourself:

I know, I know...easier said than done. We do it all too much but you know, the easiest ways to tempt yourself into a drink is because you rushed around all day, overworked yourself, or skipped a meal. They all have the same thing in common, stress. Whether it’s a hectic lifestyle or having a low blood sugar, when we stress, we reach for alcohol because it allows us to calm down and feel at ease. It's called Coping and it ain't exactly the best choice. Don't be surprised to find out once you cut out the booze,  you might find another unsuitable replacement for it, such as sugar, tobacco and marijuana. So, stay grounded, practice mindfulness, have something healthy to eat every few hours to keep a healthy blood sugar or get some exercise to burn off the tension. Remember, the exercise should be fun, if you are like me and don't fancy the gym then why go to it and join the rest of the sheep in their new years resolutions. Do it your way! That way you won’t reach for that familiar drink to cope with your stress.

Best of luck, and remember to have fun along the way, you can learn a lot about yourself!