Natural Ways To Feel More Energized

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Stay Ahead

Stealing yourself 10 more minutes of shuteye, then another 10 minutes, and then another, isn’t doing your sleep quality any favors. Your circadian rhythms governs your internal clock, it influences your hormone production and body temperature. This rhythm wants you to wake right about when the alarm sounds. Everybody can relate to waking up five minutes before their alarm clock but that’s actually a really good sign. Retreat back into sleep, however, and these rhythms get thrown off. Soon your body isn’t sure when to wind down and when to wake up. It’s a vicious cycle. The result: You’re foggy all day, and your productivity takes a dive. If you wake up on time for your alarm clock, that gives you another 10 – 20 minutes to ease yourself into the day before becoming facing an onslaught of To-Do for the day. This can be a huge drain if you haven’t cleared your mind in the morning.

Rethink your Idea of a Workout

First thing in the morning, even if it is 20 minutes will improve your cardiovascular health and improve energy. It’s an accomplishment, first thing in the day. Do it for a couple of weeks, you’re going to hate it. But once you bust through that wall you’re going to walk around with your head held high. You’re someone who gets things done. It gives you fire for the rest of the day. Try to get at least some form of exercise in during the day. A study found regular exercise generally increased energy levels by 20%.

Cold Showers

Have your shower in the morning and always finish for 10 seconds with a cold temperature. This process is a surge to the body, it releases chemical factors called cold shock proteins and it increases blood circulation, which has anti-aging properties, protects your health, strengthens your immune system and most of all, it wakes you up!

Don’t ever skip meals

whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, every person needs their nutrition. It’s your fuel for energy! Try to eat regularly throughout the day and most of all, make sure that it has all the right amount macro-nutrients such as fat, fiber, carbohydrates and protein. This is why there is a glycemic index, which is a system that ranks foods on their ability to change your blood sugar levels. See foods with a high glycemic index, simple carbohydrates such as Sugar, Bread, White Rice, White Pasta, Candy, and Pop, give you a quick jolt of energy because it is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream and therefore spikes your blood sugar quickly. The faster your blood sugar increases, the faster insulin is released from the pancreas which absorbs all of the sugar from your blood very quickly and therefore it crashes your energy, leaving you tired and hungry. Low and medium glycemic index foods like complex carbohydrates are more likely to slowly raise and then slowly lower blood sugar, avoiding spikes and crashes. It’s important to have fiber and protein in the meals because these nutrients help regulate the flux and dip of our blood sugar.