Why The Gut Is The Gateway to Health

Patients with irritable stomach or irritable bowel symptoms continually come in with old or new gastrointestinal complaints for which, despite extensive evaluation,a physical cause is never found. However these patients do suffer considerably, and frequently a doctor’s sick note, sometimes even early retirement, is necessary. Thus, an effective and rapidly-working assessment and treatment is needed

More than one quarter of western populations suffer from gut complaints. Symptoms range from feelings of fullness, pressure in the stomach, queasiness, abdominal cramps, stool irregularities , heartburn, all the way up to nausea and vomiting.

The treatment approaches are as diverse as the symptom pictures. Many patients fear that a serious illness, such as colon cancer, is the reason for their continual complaints. General measures, such as a balanced diet or several smaller, low-fat meals throughout the day, may be recommended to patients; yet, they often do not lead to a decisive improvement of symptoms.

Honestly, go beyond the standard medical tests and take a closer look at food sensitivities, healthy microflora, intestinal parasites, low stomach acid levels, abnormal liver function, and obstructed bile production. There are a range of assessments and tests available that will help identify the root cause of your condition