The Hangover Cure

We sometimes tend too drink too much alcohol. Naturally the outcome is gnarly hangover that rears its ugly head. Now to beat the hangover, we have to understand how alcohol affects the body. Alcohol is a diuretic, it makes you pee, and this essentially depletes you in sugar, water, electrolytes and vitamins, which is ironically exactly what your body needs to break down the booze that’s in your body. Of course the best way to prevent a hangover is to avoid drinking altogether, but if you do get caught up in the celebrations and suspect you will pay the price for it the next day, the time of action is now, both before you drink and afterwards.


In preparation, consider a B Complex Vitamin, a range of B vitamins that essentially assist the body to remove acetaldehyde, which is the breakdown product of alcohol that makes you feel miserable. B Vitamins are a great way to support the liver in removing this toxic chemical, just don’t take it on an empty stomach; it will make you feel nauseous, which can be tough for those that have no appetite the next morning.


Fuel Up

Never drink on an empty stomach; so don’t forget to eat dinner, your belly needs to soak up the alcohol if you want to endure the night. Focus on a protein rich meal.



Drinking plenty of water is pivotal because the main reason for a hangover is dehydration. I usually suggest for someone to drink a glass or two of water for every shot, beer or a glass of wine. Just know though, this usually equates to a lot of bathroom excursions. The price to pay for a hangover is a steep one! L



People underestimate the importance of electrolytes when it comes to a hangover. When we pee, we lose them. Sports drinks are effective in replenishing your levels but if you don’t have any, you have to make do with what you can find. Take sea salt for example, it’s rich in trace minerals so when you’re in a pinch, take a pinch of salt in to help you get out of those hangover blues. Snacking on some salted nuts or salty French Fries throughout the night is a wise step in the right direction to replenish electrolytes. My personal favorite go to for salt the next morning is a Virgin Caesar. Naturally, there is another electrolyte we cannot forget about and that is potassium. The go to is bananas as they are full of sugar, potassium and magnesium. If you like to think ahead, and keep a hangover remedy on reserve to deal with the repercussions of last night, my number one suggestion for you would be Coconut Water. It has more potassium than a banana and more electrolytes than most sports drinks, it easy to find in most places, it’s light on the stomach, it’s cheap and one cup can do wonders. So outside of drinking water, and sports drinks, a good option comes in soup broth, which will also replenish your sodium intake. To add, soup is comfort food.  You drink soup when you’re sick, and I think that you would agree that you feel sick when you’re hung-over. Pho, in fact, is such a good broth-and-protein delivery system that it's considered a miracle hangover cure



I think it’s also important to clarify some myths regarding hangovers. Caffeine can both treat and cause headaches, so this one is a personal choice. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, skipping it when you’re hung over may—or may not—be a good idea. Secondly, the belief that a good greasy breakfast will be your salvation has more to do with the amino acid content than with the fat. Eggs for example contain cysteine, a substance that breaks down acetaldehyde, a hangover-causing toxin in alcohol." And lastly, having a hair of the dog, by drinking more alcohol to numb the hangover is just prolonging the inevitable, chances are, it will make your headache worse. Most importantly though, stick to the formula that works for you, whether its ginger ale, comfort food, cold pizza, whatever floats your boat will suit you best.



This idea I got from my wife and it works like a magic charm. For a nasty headache, use peppermint essential oil and apply a little bit around the temples and back of the neck and say adieu to your head exploding! This one will save your day, trust me.