Meeting in the middle, the importance of transparency and quality of life.

I had the opportunity to present a lecture on Integrative Cancer Care last week at a Prostate Cancer Support Group in Coquitlam. It was heartwarming to witness the interaction, laughter and support that this group was holding as a foundation for all of its members. I felt immediately at home and would giggle along within the first few minutes of their meeting right before they introduced me as a speaker.

What I also appreciated about this group was their transparency. From the get go of the emails that went to and fro in regards to holding this presentation, there was a clear message that came across..."some of us may be unwilling to make sweeping changes to eating, drinking and lifestyle for the rest of our limited life, however well recommended they might be".

I appreciate that sentiment because I believe that we as adults, especially seniors, have worked hard enough to realize that we are the authority over own body and therefore become judge, jury and executor of our life.

I agree with this as long as we are educated to make informed decisions, and thats exactly what I was striving to accomplish with my presentation. Making health changes requires consistency, it is a commitment unto self, a pact that we make for life and therefore we must be willing to make these changes from within so that we can see them manifest on outside. That said, quality of life is of integral importance. There is no point of detoxing all day, restricting alcohol intake for the remainder of your life or foregoing some of your favorite activities when it comes at the price of how you perceive your joy of life or rather "joie de vivre".

It becomes a negotiation but most of all, as a practitioner, I strive to make it an easy, enjoyable and inspirational transition for the patient. Life requires balance, balance in all that we do whether it may be good or harmful. For substances or activities may either be medicine or all depends on the dose.

I received words of encouragement at the end of my presentation and I was happy to have met everyone on a middle ground, a common footing for discussion and contemplation.

P.S. I was happy to bring along a nutritionist by the name of Tahlia Sage who followed up my presentation by simplify aspects of cooking and meal planning in regards to healthy nutrition. She did a wonderful job! Check out her website...t