The Benefits of Eating Seasonally

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The Power of the Kidneys

If you speak to your grand mother you'll come to learn that in her time, if you had an orange or a banana around Christmas, you were the popular kid in town. Your parents had money and that was a very special present to receive, tropical fruit in the winter.

Whats interesting is that your kidneys activate and deactivate the Vitamin D inside your body, yes, thats really important. There is a train of thought that your kidneys manage this based on the foods that you eat by measuring the potassium and sodium content. Foods high in potassium tend to require more sunshine and also lean towards being tropical fruits. Whereas in the winter, we salt our soups, our meats, we go for broths, and warm dishes. Our kidney live in the dark, they don't know if its sunny or not, if its summer or not, so they measure the content of these minerals and based off that, dictate whether to activate Vitamin D.

The real pillar to ones health is ensuring that Vitamin D is activated, which allows for optimal absorption of calcium which is important for our bones, nervous system and valves. Yes, valves, those gates that allow everything to go one way not the other way (that's important!).

Well, there is a valve known as an Ileocecal valves which is essential because it functions as a one-way valve for the bacterial flora which determines if you will have good intestinal health. As we know, bacteria run the show these days, our gut microbiome is a game changer for good digestion. People tend to be more frequently sick in the winter as 70% of your immune system resides in your digestive tract which is influences by the bacterial terrain. So yeah, the point is, eating seasonally, is good for your Vitamin D, your Calcium and your bacteria flora.

Nutritional Benefits

There is something to be said about seasonally. We all know there is something to it, when picking a tomato straight from the vine and put it in our mouth versus having it pre-frozen, shipped, and taken from the grocery store, washed and then bitten into. I like to call it life-force, fresh foods in season just seem to have more life force than anything thats frozen to last. Its paradoxical because nowadays we can eat whatever we want, and yet this has pushed us into becoming comfort eaters, eating the same 20 things all day, everyday. Seasonal foods offer higher nutritional content of vitamins, minerals and enzymes than out of season unripe fruits and vegetables. These micro nutrients are fuel for your cells, a foundation for a healthy body.

Environmental Benefits

Eating with the seasons and purchasing local foods helps to protect our planet because it reduces the number of miles your food has to travel before it reaches your plate.

Economic Benefits

When you buy organic, seasonal, locally grown foods you help provide financial support to the farmers in your area, which helps to grow your local economy. Seasonal foods are priced much more economically than out of season foods which will save you money on your grocery bills. There is such a thing as a 50 mile diet, eating anything within 50 miles of where you live. You are helping the environment while supporting your local grocers and farmers.