Treating The Whole Person: Emphasis on Integrative Care

As I read this title the first familiar feeling that comes to mind can be summed up by this quote which has been attributed to a number of dreamers like me. "I've seen further by standing on the shoulders of giants". This concept I aim to drive into all my patients, students and friends when it comes to the prowess of integrative medicine. We are stronger together and division only serves as an obstacle to our ability to comprehensively address our patients health concerns. That said, the quality of our referrals is an indirect measurement of our ability to manage a patients case. People that are in dis-ease search for support beyond just targeted therapies, they want someone to manage their case, to really feel heard and most of all cared for. They want a direction, a path to follow (even when the going gets tough) and I as a Naturopathic Doctor am willing and excited to do that for them. There are moments in my practice where I realize that I am far more excited about a patients future health improvements because I know point for point whats happening, and what we have to do about it. It's feels like an ironic moment, there I am grinning a smile from cheek to cheek...I should probably work harder to bring that point since i know from personal experience that motivation and inspiration can move mountains!

In essence, my patient is an athlete, and I as a coach, witness their strengths and weaknesses whereby I provide them with the necessary training regiments, dietary adjustments and bench marks...goals that they should work towards.

I cant do it all so even as a coach, I refer out to different health care practitioners to elevate our mutual patients game and success. Whether its a physiotherapist, a shiatsu therapist, a chiropractor, an osteopath or a fitness me your friends and I'll tell you who you are.

This post was inspired by all my teaching endeavors and the colleagues that surround me.
That said I would like to leave behind two things.

1. A picture of me teaching what I love at the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy last week.
2. A blog post that really resonates with me for how I practice Integrative Cancer Care.