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The King: Maxims for Men's Mental Health

ANM Conference, Vancouver, September 10th

With a hijacked brain confounded in neural processes accompanying modern porn addiction, social media, and “toxic masculinity. Men struggle alone in the face of poor mental health and it is evident in that suicide is one of the leading causes of death in men under the age of fifty.  Add to this an age-independent, secular decline in circulating testosterone concentrations in men and an outdated sense of responsibility as the “bread earner”, Men are in need of a fundamental paradigm shift regarding their manhood. A man’s inner strength can be expressed in innumerable ways when fittingly prompted: Enter the King: the most important chess piece that makes room for the many different ways a boy or man may feel secure in their masculine identity and thrive as a ruler on their own board. Please join Dr. Rigobert Kefferputz in diving into the zeitgeist of manhood and the mental landscape. This lecture will expand on the field of Men’s Mental Health including core beliefs, coping mechanisms, archetypes, neuroscience, first line therapies, erectile dysfunction and the HPA Axis.